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LexJet Promo-Point 3-Up Full Bleed Table Tents - 4in x 6in, Matte - 12.9in x 19in Full Sheets (250-Sheets)
by LexJet

LexJet Promo-Point 3-Up Full Bleed Table Tents, each pannel measures 4in x 6in when assembled. 12.9in x 19in sheet (250 Sheet Pk) ... Read More

12.9 in x 19 in - 250 Sheets, 3-Up Full Bleed 4in x 6in - Matte/Matte
Compatible with Toner Printers
Price: $107.50
Availability: In stock

LexJet Promo-Point 3 UP Economy Bottle Neckers - 8.5in x11in (250-Sheets)
by LexJet

LexJet Promo-Point Economy Bottle Neckers are three to a page rounded top bottle neck hangers. ... Read More

() 250 Sheets - 8.5 in x 11 in
Price: $102.34 ($0.63 / SQ. FT.)
Availability: In stock