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Sunset Velvet Rag SUV paper opens up new possibilities for expanding the type and volume of fine-art and photo reproductions work that can be produced on inkj ... Read More

Brand: Sunset

Sunset Velvet Rag SUV paper opens up new possibilities for expanding the type and volume of fine-art and photo reproductions work that can be produced on inkjet printers that use solvent, low-solvent, latex, and UV-curable inks. The bright white, soft texture surface and 300g weight emulate the classic look of an ’etching paper’ Although this paper starts with a matte surface, prints produced on Sunset Velvet Rag SUV will have a visually pleasing, semi-matte finish. This paper is acid- and lignin-free, making it a good choice for long-lasting fine-art, décor, and fine-photo reproductions.

  • Bright White, 300g, acid- and lignin-free paper
  • Soft textured surface
  • Alpha Cellulose

Technical Specifications

Product Type Inkjet Printable Media
Paper Weight 300 gsm
Applications - Media Featured
Interior Décor
Fine Art
Finish Velvet
Ink Type Solvent
UV Curable
Media Type Fine Art Paper
Properties Description
Material Neutral white, matte surface cotton rag
Surface Finish Velvet/Etching
Basis Weight 300g
Printer/Ink Compatibility Compatible all inkjet printers using eco solvent, solvent, latex, and UV-curable ink.
Software Settings Printer settings will vary between printer manufacturers. Recommended heater settings: Pre-heat 30° C, platen 33° C and post-heat 35° C have been found as a good place to start.
Software Settings For the best and most consistent results, a profile should be created using an external color calibrator in conjunction with your RIP and color matching software.
Finishing/Post Processing No post processing or finishing is required on this paper. However, a clear fixative may be applied to enhance certain areas of the print.
Optimal Print Environment 70° F (21° C), 50% R.H
Handling Recommendations Due to the absorptive nature of the coating, you should avoid touching the coated surface. It's always recommended that cotton gloves be used when handling inkjet coated materials. Rolls of LexJet film are supplied with the coated side facing out.
Ideal Storage Conditions 70° F (21° C), 50% R.H. (a controlled environment is recommended); store vertically in original packaging.
Shelf Life 1 year from the LexJet ship date when stored in proper conditions.

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Out of the box, this paper handles photos and artwork quite well.  It's color range and clarity is nice.  I particularly like the look of etching surface.  The weight/thickness of the paper gives a nice tactile impression.  Didn't know that you could do this caliber of work with solvent chemistry! Would recommend to others!

Sunset Velvet Rag SUV- 15in x 20ft
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Sunset Velvet Rag SUV- 30in x 100ft
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Sunset Velvet Rag SUV- 54in x 100ft
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Sunset Velvet Rag SUV- 60in x 100ft
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