Picture of Sihl 60/40 Window Perf Gloss Vinyl - 60in x 100ft

Sihl 60/40 Window Perf Gloss Vinyl - 60in x 100ft

Sihl Value 3214 Window Perf – 60/40 is a 6.5 mil white/back vinyl with removable adhesive and a lay flat release liner. This perf carries a 1 -2 year outdoor durability. ... Read More

Brand: Sihl

SKU: 3214-60100
Price: $279.81 ($0.56 / SQ. FT.)
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Handling: Handle the product with care to avoid any bends or tears. For best performance possible, be sure not to comprise the natural curl of the material and allow the vinyl to adjust to room temperature before printing. Sudden temperature swings can cause the liner to tunnel.

Installation: Make sure the application area is clean before applying the vinyl. At the top of the application area, be sure that the vinyl is straight and in the desired position. Use the hinge method to get started, then begin working your way down the vinyl with a smooth squeegee while making sure that the bottom is away and not touching the application area. To improve adhesion, leave a small gap between the vinyl and window frame to avoid premature release from the corner and the edges of the vinyl. Never have the graphic overlap the edge of the window. An application fluid can be used on non-laminated window film. Note: For best results use water/alcohol solution to clean glass surface. Do not use ammonia based glass cleaner (Windex) when cleaning application area.

Technical Specifications

Finish Gloss
Ink Type Solvent
Media Type Perforated Vinyl
Units 1 Roll
Applications Window
Product Type Inkjet Printable Media
Width 60 in
Length 100 ft
Core Size 3 in
Units 1 Roll