Scratch Resistance and PreLume™ for Waterproof Ink Jet Media

Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Continuing in their role as the industry’s leading problem solving, solutions provider; LexJet announced today that they would begin shipping TOUGHcoat with PreLume™, a series of ink jet printable media containing a highly scratch resistant polymer that includes PreLume™, a technology that dramatically whitens and brightens digital color images.

TOUGHcoat will solve problems related to the longevity of outdoor graphics and PreLume™ addresses the yellowing issues found in all waterproof ink jet coatings on the market today.

“Advancements in coating technology have enabled LexJet to produce a suite of product solutions that will withstand the harshest outdoor conditions,” stated Camillia Mankovich, LexJet’s marketing director. “The market has been asking us for a longer lasting, brighter white, abrasion resistant product and TOUGHcoat with PreLume™ exceeds these requirements,” Mankovich added.

TOUGHcoat with PreLume™ is available in Blockout Scrim Vinyl Banner, the industry standard scrim vinyl; ThriftyBanner, a lower cost scrim vinyl; Polypropylene with and without adhesive; and AquaVinyl, an adhesive backed vinyl with a super aggressive, permanent adhesive.

“We are excited to bring another solution to the print-for-pay community that improves the quality of the graphics our customers produce without increasing substrate costs,” stated Jeff Leto, LexJet’s vice president of sales. “We have not only increased output quality and maintained low substrate prices, we are reducing customer’s ink costs by as much as 30%,” Leto continued. “Our customers are raving about the durability and the visual impact attainable with TOUGHcoat,” Leto added.

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