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LexJet RubberMount White Adhesive is a white film coated on both sides with a permanent, pressure-sensitive rubber-based adhesive. This adhesive is a good cho ... Read More

Brand: LexJet

LexJet RubberMount White Adhesive is a white film coated on both sides with a permanent, pressure-sensitive rubber-based adhesive. This adhesive is a good choice for mounting graphics to dark substrates because whiteness of the carrier film keeps the darkness of the substrate from affecting the look of the printed graphics. 

LexJet RubberMount White Adhesive is a super-aggressive adhesive that can mount a wide variety of graphic materials to all types of substrates. It is the most economical, universal adhesive system LexJet offers and a great option for sign companies and graphic producers that mount to more than one type of substrate every day. It reduces inventory costs by eliminating the need to stock different types of adhesives for different types of substrates.

This product is best used on graphics that will be viewed from a distance of three feet or more.

This product consists of a white polypropylene film coated with adhesive on both sides. A poly-coated, double-faced, release liner keeps the adhesive protected until it’s ready to use.

Technical Specifications

Product Type Mounting Adhesives
Adhesive Material Rubber
Adhesive Type Pressure Sensitive
Applications - Adhesive POP/ Indoor Signage
Mounting Substrate Aluminum
Permanence Permanent
Adhesive A 1.2-mil, clear, permanent, rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive.
Carrier 1.4 mil white polyester
Release Liner 74# polycoated, moisture-resistant
Peel Adhesion PSTC #3; backed with 1 mil polyester, exposed Side - over 80oz./inch width, liner Side - over 80oz./inch width
Shear Strength (PSTC 7, 1 sq. in., 1000 gr. load): no dwell @ 72° , Exposed side - 7+ Days, Liner side - 7+ Days.
Laminator Compatibility It is recommended that your laminator be equipped with a release liner take-up reel. All LexJet laminates are provided on 3" standard cores.
Laminator Settings Apply 80-100 psi and use 2-3 feet per minute for dwell time. Between 90° to 100° F heat is recommended to help the adhesive flow.
Service Temp. Range -40° F to 257° F (-34° to 125° C ) THIS IS NOT A LAMINATOR SETTING.
Ideal Storage Conditions 70° F (21° C), 50% R.H. (a controlled environment is recommended); store vertically in original packaging
Shelf Life 1 year from the LexJet ship date when stored in proper conditions
Tip The slip aid, which is often found on PVC materials, should be removed with a suitable detergent. Ask your LexJet solutions specialist for specific recommended mounting substrates. All substrates should be tested for your specific application prior to final job production.

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