PULSE TM ColorElite System Pro Color Management Solution

The X-Rite PULSE ColorElite System offers complete professional color management in a single box. Monitor, scanner, printer and digital cameras can be profiled simply and easily using the unique wizard interface. The system consists of three components: colorimeter, spectrophotometer and Pulse Software.

Beginning with the OptixXR Colorimeters, monitor calibration and profiling is simple and accurate. This award-winning device was recently given top honors by MAC Design – a perfect 5 of 5! The fully-integrated software guides the user through all the steps needed to ensure that what you see on the monitor is accurate.

The PULSE ColorElite Software also walks you through high-end color management for your printer. Simply print out a target from the software using the paper and ink you wish to profile and use the ALL NEW X-Rite PULSE Spectrophotometer to read the printed patches. This amazing device can be used tethered, as a conventional spectrophotometer, or can be unplugged to go completely cordless. The battery-operated Pulse spectrophotometer, can store up to 3,000 patches to be downloaded and profiled later. This allows users to move around their workspace without being tied to a single area.

Whether you are tethered or portable, the unique X-Rite Pathfinder™ guides the Pulse across the patches effortlessly without touching the printed target. This prevents scratching and ensures that accurate data is collected. Designed to be fool-proof, photographers can scan the patches from left to right, or right to left, or both. The PULSE Elite system automatically detects the direction and imports the data in the correct orientation. Furthermore, the speed of the scan is also completely up to the photographer. The Pathfinder has speed detection built-in, so varying the pace while reading the patches is automatically compensated for within the application. The package can also create input profiles of both film and flatbed scanners as well as digital camera profiles. PULSE Spectrophotometer charges via USB connection.

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