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Good quality, with minor issues
This is a really nice thick, stout paper. It makes an excellent paper for fine art, especially watercolor (since it's identical to a watercolor paper). But I've had a couple issues with it.

1. I love the thickness of this paper. But it's too thick. It constantly curls and you have to fight with it when cutting out images or feeding it into the printer. Because of that it's also really prone to head strikes.

2. This paper causes a massive color shift. I've had to find loopholes in color adjusting with this paper, but initially something that would print on my photo paper just fine, would not print out right color wise at all on this paper. The colors dull out more than they should.

3. This paper is also called "bright white" but compared to the other substrates I have, this is the most natural colored substrate I had. Not a big deal but it's something to be aware of.

If you are printing a lot of fine art on paper, particularly watercolors, I'd highly recommend this paper. But it  will take some patience.