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Great colors, durable paper
This photo paper gives the benefit of a professional glossy look without glaring in brightly lit areas.  The colors adhere well, and stay rich and vibrant.  The paper is thin enough to be rolled into a tube for easy transport, but sturdy enough to survive multiple uses.

Best satin photo paper
This is our client's #1 paper choice. We mount on foam board as well as create photo albums using this paper for years with excellent results.

Great for Cost Conscious Clients
When we have clients looking for a really nice print but are also cost conscious, we recommend the 8 Mil Production Satin Photo Paper.  It mounts well on foam board and gatorboard.  We combine this paper with our luster laminate and clients are always impressed.

Our go-to paper at the museum
We use this paper for graphics and signage.  It gives a finished look to the prints that often isn't achievable without spraying or laminating. The surface doesn't scuff like matte papers tend to do when printed with dark colors. Additionally, for museum printing, it has been passed for use in object cases by our Conservation Department's Oddy testing.

Great Material Option
This photo paper is "go to" material when customers are looking for sharp photo quality at a good price. We also mount it to a variety of substrates including pvc, stryene and foam boards. It's a quality product at a good price.

8 mil production satin photo paper
It is the primary paper that I use because of its consistency and look.  Colors pop and the finish is ideal.

Excellent paper, great color
Satin finish is my favorite finish of the bunch.  From back in the photo processing days satin was the go to for my color lab.  It provides just the right pop for an image.  Have been using this paper for a while now, and have zero complaints.  We use the 8 Mil Production Satin paper for mounting to foam board, framing poser size prints.

Great Everyday Paper
Love using this paper. We print a lot of posters that get used for short periods of time so we needed something that looks good and has a good price point. We found that combo in this paper. The prints always look great and get lots of compliments.

Less than I expected
My first roll of this paper was 24"  I used it for bin prints.  All was good.

During the holiday sale, I picked up another roll, this time 36" . The box was noticeably damaged in shipping, but I thought it should be OK.  The boxing is considerably less than the competitors packaging.

Today I opened the box when my roll of Tribute ran out. . I just noticed the 8mil box had handwriting on it that said "refused".  I assume it was damaged prior, refused at delivery and then somebody decided to send it out again as first rate product.  Disappointing quality control.  The edge of the paper on the roll is significantly damaged/crushed.  I cut off about 10' and thru it in the trash.  The wrinkled edge continues deeper.  I'll need to reprint a few images as the wrinkles go into the roll about 1 to 1.5" at this point.  Since Im using it for bin prints. so I can probably work around the damaged product by shifting the prints away from the edge.  So far, no paper hang-ups while printing.

I know this is production paper, but this second roll of paper seams noticeably thinner.  I wish I had a bit of the old paper to really compare it to.

The image quality is fine, actually not much different than Lexjets better papers. But I doubt I'll ever purchase  8 mill production paper again due to the poor packaging and flimsy "hand"  to this product..  

Past rolls of Tribute and E-satin look to be a wiser purchase.