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This may be unfair....
The roll I received may not be representative of what a roll is like fresh from the factory. My roll may have been stored or transported  under high temperatures. Or maybe it's just old stock and the adhesive is breaking down. But that's the problem. The adhesive is oozing out the sides and the cover on the adhesive that you're supposed to peel off to apply the tape won't let go of the adhesive, so when you do pull, there are strings of super sticky adhesive suspended between the SEG tape and the adhesive cover. The sticky cleans up with isopropyl alcohol but there shouldn't be a need to clean this up. I contacted LexJet about this and didn't get a response in 48 hours. I can imagine what this would be like with the right adhesive and I think it would be a great way to mount a print in a SEG frame.

I could not recommend this product in this condition. It is not usable. This follows my receiving 16 rolls of the wrong product from LexJet, which they promptly made right, but that was an expensive error on their part and I may not be their favorite customer for calling them on it even though they are my favorite supplier. Other than writing this review, I'm not going to pursue this with LexJet. I'd rather take the loss than lose anymore goodwill with LexJet. If you do order, ask to have the roll checked for oozing adhesive before they ship it out. There may be more old stock of this tape on the shelf.  I'm giving it one star, and that may not be fair, a good roll could be 5 stars and the roll I received is no stars. LexJet is still a 5 star company.