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Magnum Magnetics Muscle Mag Latex
This is working out to be an outstanding product for us. We have finally found a magnet product that we could  print and cut.

We are using MuscleMag to make thousands of magnets are will be buying more rolls in the next few days.

Thank you Magnum

Update: Magnum Magnetics Muscle Mag Latex
A word of caution. Be prepared.

Once this is worked out, the Muscle Mag works great.

The material comes rolled on an over length core that protrudes from the roll. Our printer requires the material to be loaded close to the right edge of the printer. The extended core is too long and the material will not load as shipped. We considered rolling the MuscleMag onto a new core and may try that on a future roll.
Next time, we may try to cut off the excess core but we only have shop knives and that will be messy.

What we did was pick up the roll and slam it on the floor to break the material free and pound it close enough to the end that we can load in in our printer. This has always damaged the core tube and caused us to have to ream out the core so it will fit on the spindle. The last roll we had to use a work knife to carve out the damage from the inside of the tube.

It went on hard/tight and I hope we will be able to get it off.

Be prepared. Once this is worked out, the Muscle Mag works great.