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Best metallic paper, needs better packaging
I absolutely love this paper! I've tried a ton of metallic papers, and this is the one that gave me the best results. It enhances colors and makes them rich and add a sense of 3D/depth throughout the prints, especially photos will a large separation between foreground and background. Any areas with bright lights/highlights almost appear to glow. I used this with mostly dark night photos and was very pleased with the richness of dark areas and colors as well as the effects of the highlights.
The only downside I had about ordering this paper is the packaging. When I opened the box, the paper is only wrapped in plastic and not a protective sheet (usually wax paper) like most papers usually come with for extra protection. This paper does scratch and smudge easily, so having an extra sheet of protective paper would be nice to make handling easier and avoid any scratches or smudges. Instead, the paper is kept together with a piece of tape. The tape leaves behind adhesive when removed, therefore no ink will lay down where the tape once was. It made me waste about 2ft of paper on every roll. With how expensive this paper is, I'd rather not have to waste any of it on a problem that can be prevented with another solution. Other than that, the quality of this paper is great and I highly recommend it.