Paper Pricing

Wednesday, June 30, 1999
During a customer conference call today, LexJet announced a new photo grade paper pricing strategy and program that may be the pre cursor to an industry wide substantial price reduction of true resin coated photo grade ink jet paper geared toward the wide format ink jet printing industry. The new program could save the LexJet customer, using photo grade paper, thousands of dollars per year in media costs.

"LexJet has always been a company of firsts, and bringing a paper pricing program like this to our customers is something that they have grown to expect," commented Ron Simkins, President of the LexJet Corporation. "The program is extremely cost effective for our customers, easy to administrate and likely to cause a ripple effect across the industry", he stated.

The new program offers LexJet customer's the ability to obtain LexJet's resin coated, photo grade paper at a price point about 20% lower than today's price, by simply adding a paper order to any order of non paper products that exceeds $300. LexJet's customers may now purchase any of LexJet's photo grade paper at $79 per 36" x 100' roll vs. the traditional $99 price point that has been in place for the past two years. All roll sizes are available under the program and priced comparably.

"The new program was developed after extensively studying our customers buying patterns and concluding that our customer's average order far exceeded the minimums of the program announced today ", said Art Lambert, Vice president of LexJet. "This program will benefit our customers regardless of their size. Even our newest or more modest in size customer will be able to participate and save substantial amounts of money with the program", said Lambert.

The paper pricing program will be formally announced to the more than 7,000 LexJet customers on July 6, 1999.

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