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​Standard 1-year outdoor durable, 6 mil, perforated, white/black, adhesive-backed PVC window film. It comes with 1.5mm holes in​ an 70/30 ratio. ... Read More

A self-adhesive, outside mount, perforated, oneway vision window film for short-term applications. Ideal for shorter-term applications where quality and economy meet. Available in 70/30 film open ratios.


• Economical Perforated Window Film for Short-Term Applications

• Universal Liner for All Printing Methods

• Clean Removability (Up to 6 Months without Residue)

• Laminate with panoRama Cast or panoRama Protect for Maximum Protection and Durability

Face Film Printable White Perforated PVC
Back Side Black for Maximum Contrast
Adhesive Removable Semi-Permanent Clear
Liner Universal Paper Liner – 6 mil (150µ +/-10µ)
Film Thickness 5.7 mil (145µ +/-10µ)
Hole Diameter 1.5 mm
FR Certification ASTM E84
Interior Up to 3 Years
Exterior Up To 1 year - Vertical Exposure Under Normal Conditions
Environment Humidity & Solvent Resistance – Good
Shelf Life 1 Year
Storage Requirements Store at 59°F to 68°F (+15°C to +20°C) and Relative Humidity between 45% to 65%
Repositionable No
Application/ Removal
Application Temp +50°F to +86°F (+10°C to +30°C)
Service Temp +0°F to +122°F (-17°C to +50°C)
Removability Clean Removal with No Adhesive Residue, up to 6 Months - Adhesion May Increase over Time
Removal Temp +50°F (+10°C) or Greater
Exclusions NOT to Be Applied to Fresh Paint, Polycarbonate, and Some PVC (No Exhaustive List Available)
panoRama One 70/30 - 54in x 164ft
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panoRama One 70/30 - 60in x 164ft
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