Picture of Mactac REBEL Matte White High Tack Vinyl - 54in x 75ft

Mactac REBEL Matte White High Tack Vinyl - 54in x 75ft

Mactac REBEL is a 5 year 99% opaque 4.0mil matte white print media with high tack permanent adhesive and a 90# Superflat Liner. Prints on just about everything. Sticks to just about everything.

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Brand: Mactac

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REBEL is a 4-mil soft; non-top coated, opaque matte white polymeric stabilized vinyl coated with a clear acrylic high tack, permanent adhesive. The liner is a 90# SuperFlat™, C2S polycoated that provides excellent lay flat. This durable flexible vinyl has good outdoor durability. The adhesive has a high initial tack and builds to a high strength, permanent bond with good resistance to creep, solvents and heat.

REBEL H sticks to just about everything! Including, but not limited to: Powder coated paints, low VOC wall paints, polyethylene, polypropylene, and much, much more! Suggested uses include screenprinted labels, decals, markings, point-of-purchase displays and signs for indoor and outdoor use.

Technical Specifications

Media Type Vinyl: Calendered
Adhesive Backed
Ink Type UV Gel
UV Curable
Width 54 in
Length 75 ft
Units 1 Roll
Ink Type UV Curable
UV Gel
Core Size 3 in
Media Type Vinyl: Calendered
Edge Loyalty Points Multiplier 1x Edge Points
Thickness 4 mil
Color White
Finish Matte
Physical Properties Thickness, inches
Face plus adhesive 0.0055 (144)
Face, adhesive & liner 0.0120 (305)
Quick Tack lb. /in² (N/25mm) Stainless Steel 3.5 (15.3) -- MACtac CTM-25
Peel Adhesion lb./in. (N/25 mm) PSTC-1
- 72 hrs. 8.8 (39)
Powder coated Paint 4.5 (20)
- 72 hrs.
Stainless Steel
- 30 min. 4.4 (19)
- 24 hrs. 6.0 (26)
- 24 hrs. Heat Aged 158°F 7.2 (32)
- 72 hrs. 7.0 (31)
Dimensional Stability, inches (mm)- 48 hours @ 158°F MACtac CTM-21 (Method D) Bonded to aluminum
MD 0.06 (1.5)
CD 0.04 (1.02)
Tensile, lb. /in.(N/15 mm) ASTM D-882
MD 8.0 (21)
CD 6.0 (16)
Elongation, %
MD 150
CD 80
Color Properties Whiteness and Brightness
Brightness 88.5
ASTM Whiteness 110.24
CIE Whiteness 106.7
CIE Tint 2.26
Durability Seven years indoors and up to 5 years outdoors. This use-life estimate is based upon accelerated age studies. Please note that exposure to severe temperatures, ultra-violet light and also in tropical, sub-tropical or desert regions will cause more rapid deterioration. This also applies to polluted areas, high altitude and south facing exposure.
Shelf Life This product is good, unprinted, for two years when stored at 75°F (24°C) and 50% relative humidity or less.