Picture of Mactac IMAGin Bfree Window Film, Dusted - 54in x 75ft

Mactac IMAGin Bfree Window Film, Dusted - 54in x 75ft

Mactac IMAGin Bfree Dusted is a 3.1 mil matte print media that is dry applied to windows - sandblast look - 5 year outdoor durability.

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Brand: Mactac

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Bfree Dusted is a 3.1-mil translucent, matte dusted, polymeric PVC film designed for solvent-based ink jet printing. The product is coated on one side with a micro-structured, repositionable, permanent, clear acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive and is supplied with 91# Polycoated, layflat liner. The microstructured adhesive allows for the increased speed of dry application on windows with no air bubbles or wrinkling. It also eliminates the messy clean-up of wet-application fluids.

Bfree Dusted is designed for indoor and outdoor window graphics and internally illuminated signs (light boxes). This version 2 can also be used for non-printed window shading!

Please Note: do not mix Bfree Dusted v2 media with the original Bfree Frosted v1 in the same job. The finishes are not an exact match.

If a wet apply is required, then Mactac recommends using JT5798 or Glass Décor 700 series films.

Technical Specifications

Ink Type UV Gel
UV Curable
Product Type Inkjet Printable Media
Width 54 in
Length 75 ft
Units 1 Roll
Core Size 3 in
Edge Loyalty Points Multiplier 1x Edge Points
Ink Type UV Curable
UV Gel
Thickness 3.1 mil
Finish Dusted
Physical Properties
Thickness in Mils Film Face only Film plus Adhesive 2.95 (75) 4.14 (105) - ISO 534 (ASTM D-645)
Film Face only 2.95 (75)
Film plus Adhesive 4.14 (105)
Peel Adhesion lb./in. (N/25mm) FTM-1
180° on stainless steel - 24 hr. 3.1 - 3.7 (12 - 18)
Quick Tack, lb./in² (N/25mm) Stainless Steel 4.4 - 5.6 (20 - 26)- FTM-9
Dimensional Stability, (%) FTM - 14 10” x 10” Sample Bonded to aluminum
48 hours @ 158°F max 0.2
Temperature Ranges
Minimum Application: 50°F (+10°C)
End Use: -40°F to 194°F (-40°C to 90°C
Surface Burning Characteristics (Meets ANSI, NFPA, and IFC as class A) ASTM E84-01 or ANSI/NFPA 255 or IFC 8-1
Flame Spread 5
Smoke Density 25
Removability While this film is designed to be a permanent application on glass, it is still easily removed with little to no adhesive residue. Gently lift one corner and slowly, but firmly, peel off the window at a 90° angle. For larger graphics it helps to score the graphic with a knife in strips 5” - 6” wide by the length of the window and then peel off one strip at a time.
Durability The outdoor durability of the unprinted film is 5 to 7 years.
Shelf Life 2 years from D.O.M. when stored at 60/77°F (15/25°C) and 50% relative humidity in the original package