Low Melt Laminates

Low Melt laminates can offer a perfect and cost effective way to protect your prints......if they are used in the correct applications! When laminating to ink jet prints, it is recommended that you use thermal laminates on microporous coated, bond or uncoated paper only (it has to do with the chemical incompatibility between the ink jet inks and the thermal adhesive). Pressure Sensitive Laminates (PSA) are recommended when laminating any ink jet media that accepts heavy inks, especially if you are cutting or trimming your print to the edge. If you have experienced delaminating problems when using thermal or low melt laminates, please give us a call. We are here to help.
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LexJet 5 Mil Gloss UV Standard Low Melt
by LexJet

LexJet's 5-mil Gloss UV Standard Low-Melt Laminating Film is a clear polyester film with a glossy finish that makes colors really pop. This laminating film ... Read More

Gloss (Polyester)