LexJet Wallcovering

LexJet’s WallPro SUV is a collection of textured, bright-white wall coverings designed for high-quality image reproduction on large-format inkjet printers that use low solvent, solvent, and UV-curable inks. The textures are subtle enough to enhance the overall mood of an image without disrupting key details.

The bright white color of the wallcovering helps produce the wide color gamut needed to show more highlight and shadow details in an image, support smooth tonal gradations, and reproduce corporate colors.

Choose the texture best suited for your customer’s environment. The design possibilities are endless! You can convert historical photos, scenic landscapes, corporate brand images, and art reproductions into custom-designed murals for corporate offices and lobbies, museums, restaurants, hotels, resorts, healthcare facilities, retail stores, universities, sports and entertainment venues, homes, and indoor or outdoor public art.

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