LexJet to Enter the Fine Art Paper Market

Monday, May 15, 2006
After two years of research and development, LexJet announced today that they would begin shipping their new family of fine art papers called Sunset. LexJet’s Sunset fine art papers come as an answer to our customer’s requests for a high quality, durable, cost-effective, fine art paper.

“Having helped thousands of professional photographers make the transition to digital printing, we know that many of our customers are now experimenting with fine art photography and printmaking,” explains Camillia Mankovich, LexJet’s marketing director. “LexJet’s Sunset fine art papers not only give our customers new creative possibilities, but also save customers money by helping reduce the amount of time and materials that are wasted in the process of creating the perfect print,” Mankovich added.

The Sunset line includes Sunset Hot Press Rag, Sunset Cotton Etching, Sunset Textured Fine Art, Sunset Air Dried Fibre Matte, and Sunset Air Dried Fibre Gloss papers. The Air Dried Fibre Gloss is the first F-type fine art paper available to users of ink jet printers. All of the products are water-resistant and can be protected with solvent or water-based clear coats and varnishes.

“One of the main issues in the fine art ink jet printing market is the susceptibility of the coatings to scratch; the Sunset papers feature a scuff-resistant coating that minimizes the need for reprints resulting from scratched prints and keeps paper flakes from clogging the printer’s printheads,” said Chris Cudzilo, LexJet’s vice president. “We are really excited about the F-type Air Dried Fibre Gloss. This paper provides the most stunning black and white output we have ever seen,” Cudzilo continued. “We have tested this product with world renowned photographers and their jowls drop in disbelief about the visual impact produced on this surface from an ink jet printer,” he added.

LexJet is a leading direct provider, offering proven product solutions for businesses as well as government and educational institutions engaged in producing large and small format digital color images. LexJet’s model offers one-to-one relationships with highly trained, competent account managers; telephone and online purchasing; custom digital imaging product solutions and same day shipping.