LexJet PreLume DisplayFlex

The only alternative to polycarbonate or Lexan over laminates; this revolutionary product eliminates the costly headaches associated with the handling and trimming of polycarbonate and it's available up to 61" widths. Get rid of production mistakes and customer handling issues today by trying the latest in trade show laminate technology. The LexJet DisplayFlex is a family of trade show laminates that includes a 5, 10 and 15-mil rigid, textured, co-polymer film with a finish that looks and feels like polycarbonate or Lexan.

PreLume™ DisplayFlex Eliminates Yellow and Gray Casts Caused by Printable Papers and Films

PreLume™ technology utilizes Optical Reflection Technology to offset yellow and gray color shifts caused by printable papers and films. Including PreLume™ technology in DisplayFlex will immediately enable digital color professionals to output images that are far superior in brightness and whiteness. Users are not required to change printer settings or color profiles. Digital printing professionals need only substitute their current laminate with PreLume™ DisplayFlex to obtain this dramatic, visual improvement in output. There is nothing else to modify.

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