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LexJet's Perforated Grip Filmis a print-and-apply solution for window applications. Simply print directly on the low-tack grip adhesive and apply to the insid ... Read More

Brand: LexJet

LexJet's Perforated Grip Film is a print-and-apply solution for window applications. Simply print directly on the low-tack grip adhesive and apply to the inside of a window so that the image can be viewed from the outside. It’s quick, simple and easy to use and reposition. Once applied, it will stick to the glass for the length of the program or promotion up to one year. Then, it’s easily removed and re-applied, if necessary, leaving no residue on the glass. The 60% printable area, 40% open area pattern, and 1.5 mm hole size is an ideal combination for producing eye-catching prints that do not obstruct visibility through the window. Some residue may remain on Plexiglas or Lexan, but it can be easily removed with glass cleaner. LexJet Perforated Grip Film is designed specifically for low-solvent and solvent printers.

  • Print to the ink-receptive window grip adhesive for application to the inside of windows
  • Polyester release liner prevents tunneling for easy application
  • Re-positionable and removable with little to no residue
  • Designed for solvent and low-solvent printers

Technical Specifications

Product Type Inkjet Printable Media
Applications - Media Window Graphics
Ink Type Solvent
Media Type Adhesive Backed
Properties Description
Material One way vision perforated film
Perforation Pattern 60/40; 1.5 mm hole size
Gauge 7.3 Mil
Release Liner Polyester
Adhesive Monomeric ink-receptive, removable/repositionable adhesive
Printer/Ink Compatibility Compatible all inkjet printers using eco solvent or solvent
Printer Settings Printer settings will vary between printer manufacturers. A good place to start is a high color saturation profile such as 3M IJ180 or, in some cases, a Backlit Film setting that will use double strike. Print directly onto the outside of the roll (white side). Just before printing starts, advance material 1/2". In some cases, unwinding material off feed roll, by hand, and allowing it to drape down before entering printer will help with avoid sticking. Heater setting should be between 40° C -45° C.
Removability/Expected Life Removable for up to one year under normal exposure conditions from most common substrates. Upon removal, some residue may remain on Plexiglas or Lexan, but it can be easily removed with glass cleaner
Post Printing Do not use the take up roller and do not rewind the product onto itself after printing. Allow printed graphic to lay flat for a minimum of 10 minutes of cure time after printing. An external dryer or heat lamp will accelerate drying. Full curing of inks can be achieved by waiting a minimum of 24 hours. Protect the printed graphic by covering with silicone kraft release liner. Leaving the back liner in place, roll dry prints up so the printed grip side is facing out.
Drying and Cure Time Dry to touch 5-10 min. An external dryer or heat lamp will accelerate drying. Additionally, full curing of inks can be achieved by waiting 24 hours. This can be accelerated by standing a loosely wound printed roll on end for a period of time.
Optimal Print Environment 70° F (21° C), 50% R.H
Minimum Application Temp. 40° F
Installation Recommendations Apply to Clean and Dry interior glass only. Temperature of glass exterior should be above 40° F. The adhesive sticks much better to warm glass. Starting at the top while holding the graphic away from the glass; tack the top edge so it is straight, begin working down the graphic with a smooth squeegee, roller or hand moving the back liner as you go until the graphic is fully applied. The graphic can be removed and re-applied if needed. It will leave no residue on glass. A small amount of residue may remain when removed from Plexiglas or Lexan. This can be easily removed with glass cleaner.
Handling Always handle product so that the natural roll curl is not compromised. Never invert or bend material in opposite direction of the roll wind.
Shipping Instructions A silicone-release liner should be used to protect graphic for transport. This will allow for stacking of prints and will also prevent the graphic from picking up dirt and debris on its way to the job site.
Ideal Storage Conditions 70° F (21° C), 50% R.H. (a controlled environment is recommended); store vertically in original packaging.
Shelf Life 1 year from the LexJet ship date when stored in proper conditions.

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Technical Specifications
LexJet Perforated Grip Film- 54in x 82ft
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