Picture of LexJet InFuze� Multipurpose Dye Sublimation Paper - 24in x 150ft (2in Core)

LexJet InFuze� Multipurpose Dye Sublimation Paper - 24in x 150ft (2in Core)

LexJet InFuze® Multipurpose Dye Sublimation Paper- 2” Core - 24in x 150ft ... Read More

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LexJet InFuze® Multipurpose Dye Sublimation Paper with a 2-in core is made exclusively for use with the EPSON SureColor F570 desktop dye-sub printer. 

It is a medium-weight, 100 gsm, water-based sublimation transfer paper with high ink transferability. The proprietary microporous ink-receptive coating is applied to a low-cockle, lay-flat base producing fast dry, full-color graphics ideal for transferring onto a wide range of flexible fabric and rigid sublimation receiver substrates for applications such as mugs, promotional items, and banners.

Technical Specifications

Product Type Inkjet Printable Media
Media Type Transfer Paper
Paper Weight 100 gsm
Thickness 5.1 mil
Ink Type Dye-Sublimation
Width 24 in
Length 150 ft
Core Size 2 in
Edge Loyalty Points Multiplier 1x Edge Points
Units 1 Roll
Features Microporous ink-receptive coating
100 gsm paper base
Low ink penetration into base
High value
Advantages Rapid ink drying; shorter wait time to transfer
Mid-grade weight for medium-to-heavy ink loads with outstanding lay-flat properties
Higher percentage of ink transfer
Economical transfer sheet
Lower overall cost of finished piece
Applications High-resolution sportswear, banners, flags, skis, snowboards
For both rigid and fabric polyester receivers
Images with high color saturation
Competitive bids, budget beaters
Core Size 2 in
Base Paper
Coating Microporous
Weight 100 gsm
Thickness 5.1 mil
Printer/Ink Compatibility Water-based sublimation inks
Imaging Side Material is packaged with printable side facing up
Finishing/Post Processing Suitable for transfer on soft and hard polyester materials
Optimal Environment 68 ˚ to 77 ˚F (20 ˚ to 25 ˚C) 40 - 60% RH It is recommended to adapt the material to indoor print environment at least 24 hours before usage
Ideal Storage Conditions Protect material from direct sunlight or moisture. Store in original packaging under normal climate conditions of 23°C, 50 % RH
Shelf Life 1 year from the LexJet ship date when stored in proper conditions