LexJet Debuts Three New Canvas Collections in the Elements Portfolio

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Sarasota, Fla. (November 4, 2021) LexJet, a division of S-One Holdings Corporation, introduces three new canvas collections in the Elements Portfolio.

"We believe Elements will provide LexJet customers with additional options for high-end products. We continue to explore new opportunities to help our clients meet their needs, keep their costs low, and increase profitability," says Kara Work, S-One Holdings Product Manager. "The first products we are introducing from the Elements brand are high-end canvas collections that include options for photographers, high-volume reproductions, and canvas made from recycled water bottles."

The inaugural collections are:

The Gemstone Collection – Brilliant Quality

The most luxurious jewelers in the world select only the brightest and most brilliant gemstones to craft masterpieces for their clients. As a jeweler desires the perfect gem, artists also want a high-quality canvas for their works of art. The Gemstone Collection is an exquisite collection of canvas materials tailor-made for artists and photographers to showcase their masterpieces. The quality of the canvas enhances the beauty of art.

The Quarry Collection – Rock Solid Performance

The purpose of a quarry is to bring the strength of the earth to the surface. Like versatile granite harvested from the planet's depths, the Quarry Collection brings the strength of the canvas to the versatile world of high-volume production of art.

The Boundless Collection – Art without Limits

Boundless means "without limits." The sun, the sky, and the oceans all have an endless quality, but they must be protected, or their beauty will end. The Boundless Collection includes canvas materials made from recycled water bottles, proving that art has no limits.

For more information on Elements, please visit The LexJet Experience or contact a LexJet specialist at 800-453-9538.

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