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LexJet Clear Positive Film
by LexJet

LexJet Clear Positive film is a 5-mil screen positive / negative film with a clear nano-porous coating ... Read More

Polyester Media
Compatible with Aqueous Printers

Silver Mirror Gloss Film, 5mil
by LexJet

5 mil Silver Film with a high gloss coating for a mirror finish. ... Read More

LexJet InFuze® Textile Dye Sublimation Paper
by LexJet

LexJet InFuze® Textile Dye-Sublimation Paper is a lightweight 75 gsm, water-based sublimation transfer paper with high ink transferability. ... Read More

Transfer Paper Media
Compatible with Dye-Sublimation Printers

LexJet Optically Clear Tape
by LexJet

LexJet Optically Clear Tape is a 1-in optically-clear double-sided application tape designed to lower installation costs and minimize clean-up when applying g ... Read More

Pressure Sensitive & Removable

LexJet FlexTek SUV 200g
by LexJet

LexJet FlexTek 200 SUV is a PVC-free, multi-functional non-woven technical fabric that can be used in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. ... Read More

Fabric Media
Compatible with Eco-Solvent, Latex, UV Curable Printers

LexJet Whirlwind Sidewalk Double-Sided Sign - 23.375 in x 33.125 in
by LexJet

The LexJet Whirlwind provides a great way to place changeable signs and promotional graphics on the sidewalk in front of stores, restaurants, and event venues ... Read More


LexJet Mosquito Retractable Banner Stand
by LexJet

The Mosquito is an affordable, versatile stand in silver with sleek black endcaps. With three base widths to choose from, including one that is five feet wide ... Read More


LexJet Simple Perforated Window Vinyl (60/40)
by LexJet

LexJet's Simple Perforated Window Vinyl is a 6-mil perforated vinyl for producing see-through window graphics that can attract attention and generate increase ... Read More

Vinyl: Calendered, Adhesive Backed Media
Compatible with Solvent, Eco-Solvent Printers

LexJet 8 Mil TOUGHcopy™
by LexJet

LexJet's 8 Mil TOUGHcopy(tm) is a super-durable, versatile alternative to weaker copy paper for all kinds of quick-print projects and presentations. Made from ... Read More

Laser Media
Compatible with Toner Printers

LexJet CoolerTag Shelf Talkers
by LexJet

CoolerTag Shelf Talkers 3-Up Shelf Strips - 250 Sheet Packs ... Read More

Laser Media
Compatible with Toner Printers