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Keencut HSG-0 Heat Knife 120V, 60W, Blade not included
by Keencut

This is a hot knife designed for cutting fabric material. The hand-operated tool can be used to cut small quantities, and is recommended for short-time operat ... Read More

Keencut Safety Straight Edge
by Keencut

The Keencut Straight Edge, in silver anodized aluminum, is a superb straight edge for use in marking, drawing, pen-lining, scoring or cutting. It can be used ... Read More

Keencut Proteus Work Bench
by Keencut

The Proteus Workbench is a strong, elegant, modular system designed to enable any business to specify and assemble the exact work, display or storage units ne ... Read More

Keencut Heat Knife Carrier
by Keencut

The Keencut Heat Knife Carrier is designed hold a Heat Knife steady when used with any of the Keencut Cutter Bars to aid in the cutting of fabric graphics. ... Read More

Keencut Big Bench XTRA
by Keencut

The combination of the Big Bench Xtra with the choice of the Javelin, Javelin Xtra, Practik or Max creates the ultimate precision cutting table. The stability ... Read More

Keencut Replacement Cutting Wheel
by Keencut

Replacement Cutting Wheel for MonoRail, Professional & DigiTech ... Read More

Cutter (1 pk)
Price: $85.00
SKU: 69105
Availability: In stock

Keencut Gorilla Gripper - GP Model
by Keencut

Gorilla Gripper "GP" Model, 0" - 3/4", lifts up to 200 lbs ... Read More

Price: $55.00
SKU: 60550
Availability: In stock

Keencut HSO-N Blade for HSG-0 Cutters - Fine Tip (Carrier Sold Separately)
by Keencut

Keencut HSO-N Blade for HSG-0 Cutters - Fine Tip (Carrier Sold Separately) ... Read More

Price: $95.00
SKU: 67101
Availability: In stock