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Keencut Max Cutter Bar- 160in
by Keencut

Where the requirement is to cut materials wider than 3m (120) the inbuilt rigidity of the Max allows the cutter bar to span the output of all super-wide format ... Read More

160 in
Old price: $1,127.50
Price: $1,125.00
Availability: In stock

Keencut Ultimat Gold- 40in
by Keencut

The Ultimat Gold will meet the exacting requirements of the most skilled and creative picture framer and please the most critical engineer. It is tough, preci ... Read More

40 in Table Top
Old price: $1,990.00
Price: $1,791.00
SKU: 61210
Availability: In stock

Keencut Excalibur 1000X- 63in
by Keencut

Excalibur 1000 - Features a single purpose cutter head with interchangeable utility blade, plastic scoring blade and optional glass cutting attachment.The uti ... Read More

63 in
SKU: KC1000

Keencut Rotatrim Professional- 12in Trimmer
by Keencut

Originally designed with the photographer in mind, the heavy-duty use Professional has proven its durability and worth as an all-day, everyday use trimmer in ... Read More

12 in
Price: $280.00
SKU: 60100
Availability: In stock

Keencut Rotatrim DigiTech Plus- 26in Trimmer
by Keencut

A heavy-duty all day, everyday use trimmer drawing from the design elements of the proven Professional, the DigiTech+ offers the same dynamic features, plus a ... Read More

26 in
Price: $775.00
SKU: 60301
Availability: In stock