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Keencut Simplex Cutter Bar- 44in
by Keencut

The Simplex is more than a straight edge. Its a lightweight, portable straight edge mounted with a quality cutting head that features utility knife blades. ... Read More

44 in
Old price: $515.00
Price: $463.50
SKU: 60455
Availability: In stock

Keencut Evolution 2- 64in Cutter
by Keencut

The new Evolution-E2 precision cutter is an integrated wide format cutting system designed to revolutionize the speed, accuracy and convenience of the finishi ... Read More

64 in
Old price: $1,705.00
Price: $1,534.50
SKU: 60386
Availability: In stock

Keencut Rotatrim Professional- 12in Trimmer
by Keencut

Originally designed with the photographer in mind, the heavy-duty use Professional has proven its durability and worth as an all-day, everyday use trimmer in ... Read More

12 in
Price: $280.00
SKU: 60100
Availability: In stock

Keencut Rotatrim DigiTech Plus- 26in Trimmer
by Keencut

A heavy-duty all day, everyday use trimmer drawing from the design elements of the proven Professional, the DigiTech+ offers the same dynamic features, plus a ... Read More

26 in
Price: $775.00
SKU: 60301
Availability: In stock

Keencut Javelin Integra- 64in Cutter
by Keencut

Love the .008 accuracy of the Javelin Series 2 and the optional Big Bench and Lift Hold system add-ons? With the new Javelin Integra, youll get this function ... Read More

64 in
Old price: $1,180.00
Price: $1,062.00
SKU: 60286
Availability: In stock