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Keencut Rotatrim Professional- 24in Trimmer
by Keencut

Originally designed with the photographer in mind, the heavy-duty use Professional has proven its durability and worth as an all-day, everyday use trimmer in ... Read More

24 in
Price: $405.00
SKU: 60130
Availability: In stock

Keencut Rotatrim DigiTech Plus- 73in Trimmer
by Keencut

A heavy-duty all day, everyday use trimmer drawing from the design elements of the proven Professional, the DigiTech+ offers the same dynamic features, plus a ... Read More

73 in
Price: $1,455.00
SKU: 60341
Availability: In stock

Keencut Javelin Series 2- 124in Cutter
by Keencut

The Javelin Series 2 is an essential tool for butting joints on sectional panels and POP systems. Factory laser truing guarantees the accuracy to within .008" ... Read More

124 in
SKU: 60279

Keencut Evolution 2- 104in Cutter
by Keencut

The new Evolution-E2 precision cutter is an integrated wide format cutting system designed to revolutionize the speed, accuracy and convenience of the finishi ... Read More

104 in
SKU: 60388

Keencut Big Bench XTRA- 124in Table
by Keencut

The combination of the Big Bench Xtra with the choice of the Javelin, Javelin Xtra, Practik or Max creates the ultimate precision cutting table. The stability ... Read More

SKU: 60936

Keencut Proteus Work Bench for 104in Evolution 2
by Keencut

The Proteus Workbench is a strong, elegant, modular system designed to enable any business to specify and assemble the exact work, display or storage units ne ... Read More

Stand (1 pk)
Old price: $905.00
Price: $814.50
SKU: 60939
Availability: In stock

Keencut Safety Straight Edge- 48in
by Keencut

The Keencut Straight Edge, in silver anodized aluminum, is a superb straight edge for use in marking, drawing, pen-lining, scoring or cutting. It can be used ... Read More

Ruler (1 pk)
Old price: $120.00
Price: $108.00
SKU: 60004
Availability: In stock

Keencut Simplex Cutter Bar- 124in
by Keencut

The Simplex is more than a straight edge. Its a lightweight, portable straight edge mounted with a quality cutting head that features utility knife blades. ... Read More

124 in
Old price: $765.00
Price: $688.50
SKU: 60459
Availability: In stock

Keencut 45mm General Purpose Cutter Circular Textile Blades
by Keencut

Extra utility blades for Evolution, Sabre GPC, Javelin, Javelin Xtra, Practik, Simplex and Max. ... Read More

Blade (5 pk)
Old price: $150.00
Price: $135.00
SKU: 69132
Availability: In stock

Keencut Sabre 2 General Purpose Cutter- 100in
by Keencut

Designed to cut a wide range of sheet materials, the Sabre GPC and Sabre Series 2 GPC offers a standard of straight, square and clean cutting. It is designed ... Read More

100 in
Old price: $1,345.00
Price: $1,210.50
SKU: 60738
Availability: In stock