Picture of Jessup Matador™

Jessup Matador™ is a 40 mil vinyl designed for countertop mats, floor mats and other reverse printed graphic applications; no adhesive needed. ASTM D‐2047 Certified ... Read More

Matador™ is the newest addition to the product line of specialty graphics media manufactured by
Jessup Manufacturing Company. The Matador™ material is an embossed, slip resistant printable vinyl for creating durable printed counter-top mats and floor mats. This is a 40 mil material that is printed on the back side to protect the printed surface from wear and tear. Because of its thick gauge, Jessup’s Matador graphics lay flat on the floor without the need for adhesives. Mats printed with this material can be used repeatedly or easily moved. By adding an optional non-slip backer in clear or white, Matador graphics look bright and fresh in spite of heavy traffic. The white backer eliminates the need for a second masking layer of white ink. Matador produces reusable, re-positionable counter or floor graphic for any surface..

• Slip resistant materials – ASTM D-2047 passed
• High durability for high traffic areas
• Simple to install and remove
• Printing methods include latex, UV inks
• White backer replaces white UV ink

• Car dealerships
• Auto parts stores
• Movie theater counters
• Sporting venues
• Museums/educational facilities
• Grocery store
• Directional
• Event signage
• Retail flooring
• Indoor floor graphics
• Trade show / special events

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