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Brand: HP

LexJet is a trusted source for genuine HP replacement parts for HP DesignJet wide format printers. Remember to always buy certified HP replacement parts for optimal printer performance.

Technical Specifications

Product Type Parts
Parts Type Printer Parts
HP Carriage (scan-axis) belt - Q6659-60175
SKU: Q6659-60175
UPC: 00848961058001
Price: $37.74
Earn 38 points
Limited Availability

HP Belt Tensioner Kit - C7769-60176
Availability: In stock
SKU: C7769-60176
UPC: 00768855215986
Price: $13.15
Earn 14 points

HP Starwheel Motor Assembly - CR357-67010
Availability: In stock
SKU: CR357-67010
UPC: 00731303914953
Price: $30.28
Earn 31 points

HP Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS) Cable - CQ105-67040
Availability: In stock
SKU: CQ105-67040
UPC: 00088698361504
Price: $19.20
Earn 20 points

HP Carriage PC board (PCA) - Q5669-60682
SKU: Q5669-60682
UPC: 05704327632504
Price: $140.05
Earn 141 points
Limited Availability

HP Carriage Belt 24 SV - Q5669-60673
Availability: In stock
SKU: Q5669-60673
UPC: 00609224680885
Price: $35.36
Earn 36 points

HP Aerosol fan assembly - CQ109-67003
SKU: CQ109-67003
UPC: 00000886525727
Price: $94.21
Earn 95 points
Limited Availability

HP Cutter assembly - Includes screw - CN727-67023
SKU: CN727-67023
UPC: 00000886613127
Price: $48.64
Earn 49 points
Limited Availability

HP Interconnect PCA - CN727-67020
Availability: In stock
SKU: CN727-67020
Price: $63.19
Earn 64 points

HP Stand assembly - For the T9x0, Tx500 series - CR357-67094
Availability: In stock
SKU: CR357-67094
Price: $339.84
Earn 340 points

HP Power supply unit assembly - CR357-67046
Availability: In stock
SKU: CR357-67046
UPC: 00070090701828
Price: $229.79
Earn 230 points

HP AXL MPCA and Bundle Bas kit
Availability: In stock
SKU: CQ891-67019
UPC: 05712505816967
Price: $180.98
Earn 181 points

HP Main PCA - F9A28-67020
SKU: F9A28-67020
UPC: 00088564375017
Price: $303.81
Earn 304 points
Limited Availability

HP Cutter Assembly - CR357-67007
Availability: In stock
SKU: CR357-67007
UPC: 04054842565032
Price: $34.70
Earn 35 points