Picture of HP 712 29ml Cyan Ink Cartridge - 3 Pack

HP 712 29ml Cyan Ink Cartridge - 3 Pack

HP 712 29ml Cyan Ink Cartridge - 3 Pack. Outstanding line quality, details, and letters. Bright and distinguishable colors. Durable/reliable performance, and recyclable. ... Read More

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Outstanding line quality, details, and letters
Prevent miscommunication—get outstanding patterns and line quality, with up to 31% more accurate lines. See depth and dimension with up to 24% more line density. Accurately produce challenging line patterns. Get the ideal quality on plain paper for your CAD applications, from plans to schedules.

Bright and distinguishable colors
See distinct color/features on maps, plans with brightest dye-based color inks, with up to 65% more gamut. Work with the best color distinction, with up to 84% higher chroma and up to 73% more saturation. Showcase your design versatility with boldly colored 3D renders on plain paper.Ideal for GIS applications, and with color vibrancy perfect for brilliant, eye-catching posters.

Durable/reliable performance, and recyclable
100-year plain-paper archivability and ISO certified HP Permanent and Water-resistant Black Ink. Meet last-minute deadlines with high-quality prints and reliable operation.Maximize the life of your printheads and help ensure HP warranty protection. Use up to 95% less ink for servicing and maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Product Type Ink Cartridges and Toner
Ink Type Aqueous
Color Cyan
Ink Volume 29 mL
Ink Supply Type 3 cart
Edge Loyalty Points Multiplier 1x Edge Points
Printer Model HP DesignJet T630
HP DesignJet T650
HP DesignJet T230
HP DesignJet T250