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GOframe Corner Clamps for PRO Stretcher Bars Set of 4
by GOframe

GOframe Corner Clamps for PRO Stretcher Bars, Set of 4 ... Read More

Price: $9.50
SKU: 1500PCK

GOframe Cutter Replacement Blade Pack, 50 Blades
by GOframe

GOframe Cutter Replacement Blade 2-Pack of 25 Blades, 50 Blades Total ... Read More

Price: $16.00
SKU: 1500KB
Availability: In stock

GOframe U Shaped Corner Clips Box of 25
by GOframe

GOframe Centrebrace Clips / Joiner allow for centrebracing on the 1500 stretcher frames. They can also be used to join and hang the 1500 stretcher systems. Box of 25 ... Read More

Price: $11.00

GOframe Custom Trimming Station
by GOframe

GOframe Custom Trimming Station allows for easy fast trimming of GOframe stretcher bars (Pro and Standard) as well as centrebraces for custom canvas frames. Comes with saw blade ... Read More

Price: $150.00
SKU: 1500TS
Availability: In stock