Picture of General Formulations 262HTR WallMark™ Sand HTR - 54in x 100ft

General Formulations 262HTR WallMark™ Sand HTR - 54in x 100ft

6.0 mil - Matte White Embossed Sand Wall Vinyl - (5yr) with a Clear High Tack Removable pressure sensitive adhesive (1yr) 90# tight layflat Liner

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General Formuations GF 262 HTR is a 6.0 mil matte white semi-rigid vinyl film embossed with a sand texture. GF 262HTR has a unique and innovative pressure sensitive adhesive that is specially formulated to be both high-tack and removable (HTR). The combination of vinyl and adhesive is designed to stick aggressively to most surfaces, but is specially formulated to remove cleanly for up to a year. It’s also forgiving in the event you touch the adhesive to itself—it will separate cleanly and the adhesive stays anchored to the vinyl. The 90# tight release liner provides excellent stability for processing using solvent, latex and UV curable digital inks common to wide format digital printing systems.

• Soft sand finish gives subtle texture to wall murals, graphics and decals

• Unique HTR adhesive allows for ease of install with repositionability and clean removal, but is designed to hold on a wider range of wall surfaces

• Excellent image quality and opacity for wall murals, graphics, and POP decals

• Safe for all spaces with its E84 Class A Fire rating and compliance with REACH, RoHS and Prop 65

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Technical Specifications

Product Type Inkjet Printable Media
Media Type Vinyl
Adhesive Backed
Applications Wall Murals
POP / Indoor Signage
Smooth Wall
Applications - Media POP/ Indoor Signage
Wall Murals
Window Graphics
Interior Décor
Outdoor Décor
Temporary Outdoor Signage
Width 54 in
Length 100 ft
Core Size 3 in
Units 1 Roll
Ink Type Eco-Solvent
UV Curable
Edge Loyalty Points Multiplier 1x Edge Points
Film Type White Polymeric Vinyl
Film Thickness (mils/μm) 6.0 / 152 (+/- 10%) before emboss
Film Weight (gsm) 240
Gloss (60°) <20
Opacity (%) 98
Tensile Strength (lbs/in) MD > 2500 / CD > 2000
Elongation (%) MD > 70 / CD > 130
Dimensional Stability (FTM 14) MD < 0.30 mm / CD < 0.20 mm
Adhesive Type Solvent Acrylic
Adhesive Thickness (mils/μm) 0.7-1.0 / 18-25
Adhesive Color Clear
Peel Strength on Stainless Steel (lbs/in) / (N/25mm) 15 min 1.0 / 4.4
Peel Strength on Stainless Steel (lbs/in) / (N/25mm) 24 hrs 1.4 / 6.1
Liner Weight (#/gsm) 90 / 145
Liner Type White 2-Sided PE Coated Kraft
Liner Thickness (mils/μm) 6.7 / 170
Release Force @ 300” / min (g/2”) 300-450
Application Temperature > +40 °F
Outdoor Durability Up to 3 years
Indoor Durability 5 years
Removability 1 year
Can I use GF 262HTR on multiple surfaces? GF 262HTR is designed for wall murals, decals and graphics for most types of smooth painted interior walls. This includes most flat, semigloss and gloss paint finishes. The surface must be smooth and clean prior to application. If applying to new paint consult the paint manufacturer for proper drying conditions before GF 262HTR application. The adhesive is suitable for glass, tile, OEM painted metal, and most low surface energy surfaces.
Can I print edge-to-edge with GF 262HTR? Yes! The high-tack adhesive technology allows the edges of full printed graphics to adhere well to the smooth wall surface.
When paneling larger jobs, do I use overlaps or butt-seams with this product? Installation methods vary by both installer and project, but we consider either method to be acceptable, and the thickness and rigidity of GF 262 WallMark™ Sand HTR makes it easy to align panels. Butt seams are preferred, and you can expect minimal shrink with interior applications. As a benefit of the HTR product, the adhesive allows for minimal overlap as the High-Tack adhesive bonds aggressively to the textured face of the vinyl. If overlapping, we recommend at least ½” to 1” for overlapping panels.