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KernowJet FloorShark® is an easy-to-apply and remove floor graphic film, designed for most types of hard floors and short-pile carpet tiles. ... Read More

KernowJet FloorSharK is a unique floor graphics solution for indoor applications. It is perfect for retail stores, supermarkets & shopping centres, airports, travel hubs, convention centres, ideal for all smooth hard floors from concrete to tiling also including low pile carpets tiles. Its unique sharkskin coating absorbs the inks and dries to a hard slip-resistant surface. The coating offers a high R10-certified slip resistance and eliminates the need to laminate.

The floor graphics film is PVC-free and strongly tear-resistant, it will withstand everything from pallet trucks to stiletto heels. With its specifically developed adhesive, it is easy to apply and to reposition while applying - it will definitely not stretch or become distorted. KernowJet FloorSharK offers an excellent removability; it is ideal for smaller designs like stickers as well as covering of bigger surfaces made of multiple film strips. With zero shrinkage - avoiding the risk of a rim of dirty adhesive forming around the print once applied. FloorSharK can be applied with either a butt joint or with an overlapping technique.


Technical Specifications

Ink Type UV Curable
Media Type Polyester Film
Adhesive Backed
Indoor floor graphic displays Supermarkets, shopping malls, convention centers, airports
All smooth hard floors e.g. concrete & tiling Low Pile Carpet tiles
FloorSharK® One-Step Floor Graphics - 54in x 100ft
SKU: W170TFG-54
Price: $503.83 ($1.12 / SQ. FT.)
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FloorSharK® One-Step Floor Graphics - 60in x 100ft
SKU: W170TFG-60
Price: $539.15 ($1.08 / SQ. FT.)
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