ENCAD Quantum Ink

The trade-off between great color and print longevity is now over. Introducing ENCAD Quantum Dye and Pigment Ink for the ENCAD NovaJet 1000i™ – two innovative imaging solutions delivering amazing color and guaranteed longevity.


Producing the most dynamic reds and the brightest yellows, ENCAD Quantum Ink™ offers superior color gamut and density over the competition. Hit those hard-to-reach Pantone™ colors to create prints with incredible impact.


With brilliant prints guaranteed to last, you no longer have to trade longevity for color. Kodak offers over 30 different indoor and outdoor media types optimized and profiled for Quantum Inks – consistent output you can rely on year after year.


Quantum Inks expand your application options. Quantum Dye Ink with industry-leading color gamut offers the ultimate in indoor photographic quality. Quantum Pigment Ink gives you the flexibility to print photographic quality images for long lasting indoor applications, as well as UV- and water-resistant prints for durable outdoor displays. Quantum Ink means you can say yes to more customers more often.


Developed and manufactured by Kodak using more than 10 patented technologies, Quantum Ink redefines the benchmark for color, quality and performance. Nano-particle milling technology ensures the smallest particle size to achieve reliable jetting and brighter color. Combined with proprietary adhesion enhancing polymers, your final output achieves greater vibrancy and waterfastness. Quantum Ink delivers performance you can trust, print after print.

Kodak Performance Guarantee

Encad offers a Performance Guarantee when you use Quantum Ink with KODAK Wide-Format Ink Jet Media for both indoor and outdoor applications. Please refer to www.kodakmedia.com for detailed Performance Guarantee information.

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