GS PLUS inks simulate process colors for vivid, accurate colors. GS means "graphic standard" - setting the industry standard for color gamut and easy calibration. PLUS means 50% faster print-to-lamination time, when compared with previous formulations. With its improved print-to-lamination time and outstanding color range, GS PLUS is ideally suited for a wide range of applications beyond pre-press proofing, including photo enlargements, museum and fine art prints, and indoor posters, signs, and banners. The light and medium cyan and magenta are for the NJ850.
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Kodak Encad GS+ Kit for NJ PRO 600e, 630, 700, 800
by Kodak

Contains 500 ml bottle of ink and pre-primed cartridge with 25 ml of ink. Ultra-Fi ink sets from Encad create a new standard in wide-format inkjet quality. Yo ... Read More

Magenta Light, Light Magenta 500 mL (1 pk)
Price: $211.50
SKU: 216432-00