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EFI Pro 16h Printer
by EFI

The ultimate growth tool for print professionals The EFITM Pro 16h LED UV hybrid inkjet printer has been strategically designed with a complete stimulus package of features to assure the lowest total cost of ownership, superior image quality, and access to the widest range of substrates/applications. ... Read More

UV Curable Printer

EFI Pro 24f Printer
by EFI

Pro power It’s what gives the EFITM Pro 24f LED fl atbed printer its sharp competitive edge. It contains the most powerful features — from LED and variable-drop grayscale head technology to its true fl atbed design with moving gantry and multi-zoned vacuum table. It’s the strategic choice for printers producing graphic arts, art reproductions, membrane switches, graphic overlays — and other specialty applications up to 2 in (5 cm) thick — as well as overfl ow printing and where precision and fi ne detail, image quality, and speed are critical to meeting customers’ demands. The EFI Pro 24f fl atbed printer delivers the most powerful results with outstanding image quality at production speeds, broad color gamut, optimized ink usage, and access to more profi table jobs. ... Read More

EFI H1625-RS Printer
by EFI

A new direction for roadway safety sign production. Now you can produce custom and standard, regulated and non-regulated roadside safety, and tourism signage applications faster and more efficiently–thanks to the digital efficiencies and high image quality of the EFI™ H1625-RS printer with 3M inks. ... Read More

EFI Pro 32r+ Printer
by EFI

Business is good. But it could be even better. You could up your game. Add capacity. Profit from more throughput and faster turns. And ratchet up your capabilities. You have room for another printer, but can one printer be a game-changer? Yes, if it’s the 10.5-feet (3.2-meter) EFITM Pro 32r+ wide format roll-to-roll LED printer. ... Read More

EFI Pro 30f Printer
by EFI

Everything you asked for and more We listened to your flatbed printer requests, and we responded with the EFITM Pro 30f true flatbed LED printer. You wanted a larger bed size. We delivered with a maximum printable area of 120 in x 80 in (3.05 m x 2.04 m) and bleed printing. You needed the ability to print on thicker media. We answered with capabilities to handle up to 4 in (10 cm) thick. You desired the capabilities to print more applications. We built in industry-leading white ink, precise double-sided printing, and a whole lot more. Finally, you demanded lower cost per print. We focused on providing it, job after job. ... Read More

EFI H1625-SD Printer
by EFI

Widen your margin opportunity and shorten your time to market by printing direct to formable substrates. Introducing the digital efficiencies and near-photographic image quality of the EFI H1625-SD wide-format printer for super easy direct print thermoforming. ... Read More

EFI Accessories for the Rastek H650 and H652
by EFI

EFI Accessories for the Rastek H650 and H652 EFI Accessories for the Rastek H650 and H652 ... Read More

EFI PROGRAPHICS UV 3M Ink for Pro 24f, Pro 16h and H1625
by EFI

3M MCS Warranty, flexible applications, unique applications gamut from truck, bus and vehicle siding to printing on leather substrate. Can be used in the Pro 24f, Pro 16h and H1625 printers. ... Read More

EFI PROGRAPHICS UV POP Ink for Pro 24f, Pro 16h and H1625
by EFI

Highly diverse application option for both flexible or rigid media, indoor or outdoor installations such as banners and exterior signage, retail, interior architecture design. Can be used in the Pro 24f, Pro 16h and H1625 printers. ... Read More

EFI PROGRAPHICS UV RIGID Ink for Pro 30f and Pro 24f
by EFI

The most rigid ink with best surface mar resistance and unique applications such as lenticular, printing on steel or aluminum, wood and other rigid substrates. Can be used in the Pro 30f and Pro 24f printers. ... Read More