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Summa SummaCut S Class 140 T-Series - (54in)
by Summa

Summa S Class T Series gives you Summa S Class power and precision with a state-of-the-art TrueTangentialâ„¢ cutting head. It employs our most powerful servomotors yet and Summas MicroSprocketâ„¢ drive to let you cut with amazing speed, confidence and precision. Coupled with an astonishing array of innovations and built-in capabilities, Summa S Class does more than any other cutter in its class. ... Read More

Price: $9,590.00
SKU: S2T140-2E

SummaCut R Series 54in Cutter
by Summa

Since 1996, SummaCut has evolved to become the worlds most advanced performance-price leader. First revised in 1999 and now ultimately refined in 2008, the ne ... Read More

53.10 in