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Keencut Simplex Cutter Bar - 124in
by Keencut

The Simplex is more than a straight edge. Its a lightweight, portable straight edge mounted with a quality cutting head that features utility knife blades. ... Read More

124 in
Price: $998.00

Keencut Simplex Cutter Bar - 44in
by Keencut

Keencut Simplex Cutter Bar - 44in ... Read More

44 in
Old price: $672.00
Price: $604.80

Keencut Technic ARC cutter - 60in
by Keencut

Keencut Technic ARC cutter - 60in ... Read More

60 in
Price: $971.00

Rotatrim Monorail Cutter - 37in

Eurocut (Monorail) models each offer classic Rotatrim top quality characteristics at a budget price. Designed for medium volume applications in the office or at ... Read More

Old price: $350.00
Price: $315.00
SKU: 60222
Availability: In stock

Rotatrim Professional Rotary Trimmer - 20in

Originally designed with the photographer in mind, the heavy-duty use Professional has proven its durability and worth as an all-day, everyday use trimmer in ... Read More

20 in
Old price: $325.00
Price: $292.50
SKU: 60125
Availability: In stock

Royal Sovereign Electric Trimmers

Royal Sovereign Electric Trimmers are a revolutionary finishing equipment that will help to save hours from trimming by hand. These electric trimmers will con ... Read More

Electric Trimmer

Summa SummaCut S Class 140 T-Series - (54in)
by Summa

Summa S Class T Series gives you Summa S Class power and precision with a state-of-the-art TrueTangential™ cutting head. It employs our most powerful servomotors yet and Summas MicroSprocket™ drive to let you cut with amazing speed, confidence and precision. Coupled with an astonishing array of innovations and built-in capabilities, Summa S Class does more than any other cutter in its class. ... Read More

Price: $10,390.00
SKU: S2T140-2E
Availability: In stock

Dahle Professional Rolling Trimmer Replacement Blade
by Dahle

Rolling Trimmers are the new generation of paper cutters. Designed for safety and accuracy, the cutting blades are encased in a plastic housing. For Gen 2 Pro Rolling Trimmers ... Read More

0 in
Old price: $42.50
Price: $40.00
Availability: In stock

Graphtec CE7000 Wide "E-Class" Cutter w/ Stand - 24in

The New CE7000 Series boasts our Popular Cutting Channel to allow easy perforated cut or through cut operations. ... Read More

24 in Cutting Plotter
Old price: $2,095.00
Price: $1,895.00
SKU: CE7000-60

Keencut Sabre Series 2 General Purpose Cutter - 120in
by Keencut

Designed to cut a wide range of sheet materials, the Sabre GPC and Sabre Series 2 GPC offers a standard of straight, square and clean cutting. It is designed ... Read More

120 in
Price: $2,016.00