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GBC STL1000 Wire Spool Binder
by GBC

The GBC STL 1000 simplifies wire binding by leveraging a conveyor system that moves the element and book from station to station all with a single foot pedal. ... Read More

GBC ZipBind Spines
by GBC

GBC ZipBind Spines are upscale spines that open and close like a zipper with a special editing tool. Pages are easily added and removed, even on the go. GBC Z ... Read More

GBC Quantum P70iX
by GBC

The GBC Quantum P70iX digital production punch has simplified digital punch operations. Its outstanding productivity, exceptional speed, and labor-saving feat ... Read More

GBC AP-2 Ultra
by GBC

The GBC AP-2 Ultra can accommodate a wide variety of sheet sizes, punch styles and paper stock, making it the right choice for the on-demand environment. It p ... Read More

GBC System Four Bind VeloBind®
by GBC

GBC System Four VeloBind(r) 3" Electric Binder is ideal for high-volume VeloBind(r) projects. Pair it next to a heavy-duty punch to double your output. The fl ... Read More

GBC TL2900 Modular Electric Closer
by GBC

Wire binding is faster and easier with the GBC TL2900 Modular Electric Closer. A dual load-and-crimp station eliminates the extra step of moving documents for ... Read More

GBC PB2600 Electric CombBind®
by GBC

The GBC PB2600 Electric CombBind Finisher is a high-capacity electric finisher that binds up to 300 presentations in an hour. Just set your spine size and get ... Read More

GBC System Two VeloBind
by GBC

GBC System Two VeloBind 2" Electric Bind and Punch is for moderate-volume VeloBind(r) jobs. This electric punch and bind system combines power with space effi ... Read More

GBC Magnapunch 2.0
by GBC

With its half-second punch cycle and continuous-duty motor, the GBC Magnapunch is ideal for high-volume, high-speed punchingup to 40,000 sheets an hour. A var ... Read More

GBC System One VeloBind
by GBC

GBC System One VeloBind(r) is an all-in-one punch and bind system that yields professional-looking VeloBind(r) results. The manual punch handle is convenient ... Read More