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LexJet's PolyGloss Banner material provides the true photographic look and feel needed to reproduce high-quality advertising photography on banners used for P ... Read More

Brand: LexJet

LexJet's PolyGloss Banner material provides the true photographic look and feel needed to reproduce high-quality advertising photography on banners used for POP displays, retail graphics, long-term indoor signs, and short-term outdoor signs. The bright-white, glossy surface of this polypropylene film is particularly good for reproducing detailed images with vibrant colors.

The 8 mil thickness and tear-resistant properties of LexJet PolyGloss Banner material makes graphics easy to handle and provide the rigidity needed for use in banner stands

The microporous, instant-dry coating on LexJet PolyGloss Banner makes this film a good choice for shops that use a mix of aqueous inkjet printers.

The film is compatible with dye and pigment inks on inkjet printers that use thermal or piezo printheads. Prints produced on PolyGloss Banner with dye inks are water-resistant; graphics produced with pigment inks are waterproof.

Technical Specifications

Product Type Inkjet Printable Media
Thickness 8 mil
Applications - Media Featured
POP/ Indoor Signage
Trade Show Graphics
Banner Stands
Temporary Outdoor Signage
Finish Gloss
Ink Type Latex
Media Opacity Opaque
Media Type Banner
Properties Description
Material Polypropylene (100% Recyclable Material)
Gauge 8 mil
Opacity 85%
Gloss Level @ 60° 90
Whiteness 94 CIE
Printer/Ink Compatibility Compatible with all thermal and piezo inkjet printers using water based dye and pigment-based inks.
Software Settings For the best and most consistent results, a profile should be created using an external color calibrator in conjunction with your RIP and color matching software. However, if these tools are not available printers using dye ink should be set for the highest print quality and media selection should be "Photopaper". When using UV inks, the "heavy weight coated" option should be selected. Ink coverage up to 300% is recommended.
Light Fastness The fading time of inkjet ink is a direct result of the inks that you choose to use and the environment where the print is displayed. Please consult with your ink manufacturer for light fastness data.
Grommeting Grommets should be placed in the hemline along the length of the banner so that the grommet is through two layers. Corner grommets should be placed where the length and width hems cross, so that the grommet is through four layers. A reinforced corner is also recommended to increase durability.
Tape & Stitched Hem Banner tape can be used and is preferred to sewing. If sewing, a double-stitched hem is recommended with a maximum of five stitches per inch. Banner tapes at least 4-mils thick perform the best. For more information see LexJet's Heavy Duty Banner Tape.
Finishing/Post Processing Pressure sensitive vinyl laminates, like LexJet Elite UV Vinyl, can be applied to increase the fade and abrasion resistance of the image. Before applying the laminate, allow the image to dry for 24 hours.
Optimal Print Environment 60° -86° F, 50% Relative Humidity.
Handling Recommendations Due to the absorptive nature of the coating, you should avoid touching the coated surface. It's always recommended that cotton gloves be used when handling inkjet coated materials. Rolls of LexJet film are supplied with the coated side facing out.
Service Temp. Range -40° to 176° F (-40° C to 80° C)
Ideal Storage Conditions 70° F (21° C), 50% R.H. (a controlled environment is recommended); store in original packaging.
Shelf Life 1 year from the LexJet ship date when stored in proper conditions.

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