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Bigger Files on Multiple Devices Require New Transfer and Backup Options

As the volume of rich digital content stored on multiple computers and cameras continues to expand, expect to see a host of new products devoted to simplifying data transfer, backup, and storage. Here are a few of the recently announced products:

JDI Technologies Offers ‘USB Flash Drive with a Brain’: The GoldX XPO  smart flash device allows you to pull and copy files from any device that can store data and be connected via USB, including cameras, MP3 players, PDAs, and computers.

The XPO also allows you to copy files onto a variety of storage devices that can be connected via USB, meaning that if you want to aggregate all of the photos you’ve taken with a variety of devices for archiving in one spot, you don’t need a computer to do so.  It can carry about 950 5MP pictures, or 35 minutes of VGA video. 

Storage Appliance Corp. Offers Click-Free Automatic Backup: The ClickFree HD 700 is the first of a new line of ClickFree backup products that the Storage Appliance Corp. plans to introduce. Just plug it into the USB port of your computer, and the device automatically launches, searches, and backs up all pictures and photographs.

The device sells for $169 and can store 120 GB worth of data.  Storage Appliance also makes the ClickFree DVD Photo Backup which requires no software installation.

Corsair GT USB Drive Offers Fast Transfer Speeds: Corsair is introducing a 16 GB Flash Voyager GT USB drive that provides data-transfer rates that are noticeably faster than standard USB 2.0 drives. The Flash Voyager GT requires just 24 seconds to transfer 279 MB worth of images, compared to the 70 seconds it would take to transfer the same amount of data onto the average USB drive. The drive uses a proprietary all-rubber casing for water and shock resistance.

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