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X-Rite’s ColorMunki Photo Simplifies Matching Colors from Display to Print

X-Rite’s new ColorMunki Photo package was specifically developed for wedding, portrait, social, and prosumer photographers who want more precise color control over their digital images without feeling like they need a degree in color science.    

With a single device — the ColorMunki spectrophotometer — you can calibrate your LCD and laptop screens, create profiles for the projectors you use in your presentations, and make your own profiles for the specific type of media you use with any of the inkjet printers in your studio.

ColorMunki Photo can also automatically configure Photoshop to use the correct profile, assure that your images are viewed correctly by your clients, and create color palettes for use in designing layouts for posters, banners, or book pages.

The display profiling system can be operated in either a basic mode with preconfigured settings or an advanced mode with options for white point and compensation for ambient light.

The printer profiling system uses two sets of 50 large patches, including photo-specific patches optimized for fleshtones and black-and-white printing. With the ColorMunki device, it takes only a minute or two to scan the charts and create a profile.

If you plan to consistently use the same type of media and settings in your printer, the AppSet feature can automatically load the printer profiles into Photoshop, InDesign, or Quark Xpress so you never have to think about it each time you print.

When you design layouts for a book or album, ColorMunki’s color-creation tools will automatically extract colors from your images and create a custom palette of harmonious colors you might want to use for text and backgrounds.

If you want to send images for your clients to view,  enclose them in ColorMunki’s DigitalPouch and the X-Rite’s ViewSafe technology will check to make sure that the recipient’s monitor is set up to display the images correctly.

ColorMunki Photo sells for $499 and is part of X-Rite’s new line of products for creative professionals. Other products include ColorMunki Create and ColorMunki Design that enable graphic designers to select and manage color palettes.

Volume 3  -  No. 4


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