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Q: How can I better manipulate parts of a person’s face? Is Liquify my only option?

A: No, Liquify is not your only option, thanks to Adobe Photoshop CS3's unique Warp function.

By Kim Herrera, Adobe Certified Expert, Photoshop

Photoshop CS3’s Warp function is the latest addition to the Transform menu, which until now consisted only of: Scaling, Rotating, Skewing, Distorting, Perspective and Flipping. Now, when you want to work on retouching just a nose or a pair of lips, you can really get the control you want for that polished, professional retouched look.

Let's try it… For my sample I'm using a beautiful model who really does not need any modifications to her face. But for the sake of Hollywood, I'm going to use her to show you how it's done.

Open the image and make sure your Layers palette is showing: Window>Layers.


You can target specific facial features in CS3.

Using the Lasso tool (press L on your keypad) draw a selection around the nose. Make a new layer from this selection: Layer>New>Layer Via Copy


Isolate selections on their own layers for retouching.

On the new Layer go to Edit>Transform>Warp


Warp is the latest transformation feature in CS3.

Notice that a mesh pattern appears over your selection.


The mesh screen is the platform for warping controls .

Grab and drag on any of the intersection points or corners. You can reshape the entire nose or just the nostrils. You can even do a nose lift!


Amazing control capabilities save hours of retouching time.

Now go back down to your Background layer and use you Lasso to select the mouth. Create a new Layer (Layer>New>Layer Via Copy). On the new Layer, go to Edit>Transform>Warp.

The answer to pouty lips

Warp is a great answer to pouty lips.

If you really warped it heavily you may need to go to those layers and erase the edges away with a soft brush on the Eraser Tool (Press E on your keypad). When it looks good, flatten it (Layer>Flatten Image), and save and Viola!

Before and after using the Warp function.

Kim Herrera, Adobe Certified Expert, Photoshop, is the color management expert for Logan Photography at Studio Exchange, Santa Ana, Calif., and runs KCH Digital, a digital artistry, education, and consultancy firm.

Volume 3  -  No. 8


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