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Trend Hunter Identifies Top Trends for 2009
If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration for new photo-related products or design styles, check out TrendHunter.com. More than 25,000 people contribute ideas they think are cool. Then, the site’s editorial review board chooses which ideas to promote and publish.

In the process of sifting through all the contributions, they detect “trend clusters” that entrepreneurs, marketers, designers and journalists can use to guide their own work. Do a search on the site for photography, and you’ll see dozens of styles that Trend Hunters regard as cool.

At first glance, the site can appear overwhelming. But Trend Hunter founder/president Jeremy Gutsche has produced a short video in which he has identified the 20 Trends to Watch in 2009. The 20 trends are listed below, but it’s best to watch the video for examples of what he means.

Photographers and printmakers who know how to print on a variety of materials may benefit from trends such as physical customization/consumer personalization (No. 12) and the rise of do-it-yourself craft businesses (No. 19). On the other hand, the shift into smaller living spaces (No. 3) could eventually reduce the demand for large, framed wall prints. In any case, checking out the site is a good way to kick-start your own creativity as you start thinking about new products and future directions for your business.


  1. Credit Crunch Couture
  2. Remaking History
  3. Smallchitecture (Smaller Living Spaces)
  4. Political Remixing
  5. Brag Materialism
  6. 1960s Culture
  7. Prefabbed Homes
  8. Faux Rockstar
  9. Humanization of Pets
  10. Style over Tradition
  11. Virtual Tourism
  12. Physical Customization and Consumer Personalization
  13. Urban Gardening
  14. Ageless Inspiration
  15. Geek Pride (Geek Culture)
  16. Shockvertising (particularly on YouTube and Blogs)
  17. Hollywood Viral
  18. Ugly Beauty (Using models who look “real”)
  19. Do-it-Yourself Cottage Industries (People making money from crafts, arts and hobbies)
  20. Return to the Kitchen
Volume 4  -  No. 7


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