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Customers' Testimonials


With so many different technologies, inks, materials and software from which to choose, digital printing can seem far more complicated than it needs to be. LexJet can make it simple for you. We can help you avoid costly mistakes and discover new ways to grow your business.

When you order from LexJet, you’ll be getting far more than you ever expected. We provide:

  • Expert advice on the best combinations of equipment and material, whether you’re producing artwork that must last 100 years or recyclable banners for a two-day event;
  • Free and unlimited technical support provided by real people, here in the US;
  • Economical, one-to-two-day UPS Ground delivery to most locations in the continental United States
  • Ongoing education about trends in the photography and graphics markets and advances in printing technologies and materials, so you’re always prepared for what comes next.

Even better, we listen to what you want. If you’re experiencing problems with the quality or productivity of your digital printing operations, we’ll find or create the solutions. We have strong relationships with many major manufacturers of printing, equipment and materials and partnerships with companies around the world that are conducting R&D related to inkjet printing, materials, and print-protection.

We work hard to keep customers happy!

 Thank you, thank you for taking such good care of my needs. I love everything about your company. Your products are the best, your prices are competitive, your newsletter is very informative, and your customer service people are the best of all. I have not met one yet who is anything but super-helpful and courteous. It is rare today to find such amazing combinations of excellence in any company. 
—Diana R.
  LexJet provides great products at competitive rates, and backs it up with employees who know what they are saying and doing. Thanks for everything!  
—Anita M.
  It is quite possible that I could find better prices on the Internet. However, there is no driving need to do so because of your customer care, excellent selection, product knowledge, and speedy delivery at reasonable prices.  
—Brian H.
  It is great to find a company that promotes one-on-one assistance with a genuine concern for the customers it serves.  
—Jim W.
  I like the honesty and reliability of everyone I have spoken with concerning a question or issue. Even if one of you did not know the answer to a question, you used your resources and got back to me quickly.  
—John D.
  My account specialist problem-solves with on-the-spot accuracy and keeps us informed on new products that would fit into our small business. She is extremely knowledgeable, readily available, easy to contact, returns e-mails and calls, and totally respects time requirements. I learn something every time I talk to her. LexJet is the one vendor that exceeds expectations. We know we can tell our customers when their project will be completed because the papers and ink will be delivered on time as promised.  
—Mary Ann C.
  You're a great rep/salesman and I've always enjoyed working with you. I understand this is all business and your role is to sell and mine is to buy, but I don't feel like just a person to offload cheap product to. Your suggestions are good and I can tell you wouldn't offer me something unless it would benefit my company. You don't over or under contact me but you seem to know just when to call. You're good.  
  On a side note; I often watch channels like QVC just because I'm impressed with their ability to sell, and I love to take surveys over the phone (something my wife hates), but I get turned off fairly quickly when I can tell they don't believe in what they’re doing. Sales and customer service is an art and I think you have it down pretty well.  
— Dallan W. | EPREP - Provo, Utah
  As far as I’m concerned, you’re the best at what you do. You are efficient, helpful, prompt and very cheerful which makes working with you a delight. Your company is not the most cost effective, but some things are worth paying extra for. I appreciate your flexibility and the fact that you fill out my order forms for me.  
— Greg
  You and LexJet are my lifeline to my prints, printer and products! You have set me up to make all my prints for my customers and save thousands of dollars every month. You are always there to help troubleshoot; in fact there is not a problem you have not been able to solve.  
  I almost cannot thank you enough for all you do. Thanks!  
— Darcie S.
  My feedback is very simple (thankfully!). You're doing a superb job! LexJet has always been one of my favorite suppliers, even though I don't place a lot of orders (just the nature of my business - no reflection on LexJet). This is first and foremost because of the fantastic customer service - from Rob and now from you, as well!!  
— John W.
  LexJet is BY FAR my favorite vendor that I work with. Anytime I call, no matter who I get on the phone, LexJet always has the best reps! The staff at LexJet is extremely knowledgeable about their products! I've never had any problems with LexJet that haven't been resolved almost immediately. Thanks for introducing me to new products (Solvent Display Film). This product works GREAT for tradeshow displays. It has driven our cost down, so we in turn make more of a profit!  
  I look forward to continue building a great business relationship with you in the future. You have helped my department grow tremendously in the 3 years I've been head of our Presentation Dept. I thank you for that!  
— Jessica R.
  I have been working with LexJet at CBS for the past 3 years and for several years at Rivernorth Sales & Services. Their service could easily be described as nothing but spectacular. Their prompt service, with vast knowledge has helped my print shop grow in size. They have done the research for their equipment, helping me get only the best. They are not afraid to let me know when they think what printers are good and bad. They only care about my satisfaction as Print shop manager. I never have to wait for an answer or delivery. Everything could be summed up as 110%. LexJet is the best and I will never look any other way.  
— Mike M.
  I would like to let you know that I really appreciate your help and support. You were always there for me when I have a problem. You take time to understand my issue and research the solution if you already do not know it.  
  Your in-depth knowledge of the materials that LexJet offers and your willingness to share your time and expertise makes LexJet my primary source of materials for my business.  
  I do not have any other suggestion how you could top the service I am getting from you, except to encourage you to keep doing what you're doing.  
— Rey G.
  I would first like to say it is a pleasure talking to you when I call to place an order or need help finding what I need. I think your willingness to help your customers goes beyond what other vendors do. I don’t have any suggestion to improve what you do other than keep doing the good job you do.  
— Ruth M.
  You have been my contact at LexJet for a number of years now and during that time I have found the level and quality of service you provide to be consistently above average. I have come to rely on your expertise and knowledge of the digital printing industry. When I have do have questions regarding materials or job problem solving you are always very helpful. You communicate in a timely, professional and friendly manner and regularly check in to see if there is anything I need or anything you can help with. On the few occasions when I have had any issues with LexJet products you have worked to resolve them in a very satisfactory manner. It has been a pleasure to work with you and I want to take the time now to thank you for all the assistance you have provided.  
  As far as materials that LexJet carries I cannot think of any additional items, you currently have everything I require as far as digital printing materials and supplies. I find the quality of LexJet products to be very good and competitively priced.  
— Dave U.
  Your professionalism has been extraordinary. You have always been there for Hollis Graphics not only in your knowledge of LexJet products but your willingness to find new product and save costs for us on every level. Thank you.  
— Marc C.
  I have nothing but praise to “feedback" both for you personally, as well as the excellent level of service from the entire organization.  
  I have particularly appreciated your ability to answer just about any problem or question I've had, or, you have put me in touch with someone who could. I also appreciate your advice in matters where there is no black and white answer, but instead several alternatives. In each case, I thought your advice was prudent and helpful. You have always been prompt in responding to messages left on your voice mail.  
  Have a Merry Christmas and a great 2010 and keep up the great work!  
— Alan Z.
  I think that you already know that I hold you and LexJet in the highest regard. You have always provided outstanding service and the products that you carry are of excellent quality.  
  I am in the process of revising our line of materials and will be including more LexJet products for 2010.  
  I look forward to working with you more frequently in the years to come.  
— Roy S.
  First, I like to say, that you’re a pleasure to work with! You’re professional, personable and very expeditious when handling any orders or problems we incur. Second, LexJet products are top of the line in my book! All of our printers, paper and ink have surpassed any in the past.  
  We appreciate you too! Thank you!  
—Keely F.
  I think you do a wonderful job. I have never been disappointed with the products or service provided by LexJet and I look forward to continuing our business relationship into the New Year. Thank you.  
—Paul A.
  I guess my feedback is pretty short. I believe that you've continued to provide very good service dealing me and what I order. You're extremely knowledgeable about the products I regularly order and some items that I just may have a question about. You’re very good with follow through, which ranks very high with me in as basic customer service. Whether it's been with an incorrect order or a defective ink cartridge, you've been good making it right. I appreciate you asking for feedback and thank you for your great customer service!  
—Jim M.
  Truly, I have only the highest praise for all that you do for me. You get back to me right away each time I contact you and you always are so patient and kind whenever I have a problem. When I have spoken to reps at other companies with some type of technical question, often times, I feel as if there is a demeaning tone. You always convey the utmost respect and kindness when I have spoken with you which is so much appreciated.  
  I also cannot believe how quickly the orders come through. If you ask me, you and your company should be nominated for the most outstanding service provider bar none!  
  Again, please take care of yourself and looking forward to working with you in 2010.  
— Francie