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LexJet's Sustainable Solutions


LexJet’s Sustainable Solutions: Real, Responsible, and Right

Sustainable SolutionsLexJet is committed to thoroughly researching ways to minimize the environmental impact of using the types of digital-printing equipment that we sell. Our Sustainable Solutions can help you Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle your printing supplies in ways that are Real, Responsible, and Right.

Our environmental initiatives incorporate best practices based on science. We are careful not to perpetuate some of the inaccurate claims often found in product literature promoting “green” products. As explained in our white paper Going Green in Graphics Production: Simple Truths about a Complex Subject, there is no such thing as a 100% green product. That’s why we use the term “sustainable.”

LexJet’s Sustainable Solutions include:

  • A Comprehensive Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Program. We make it easy for you to recycle cartridges from any printer wider than 17 in., whether the printer uses aqueous or solvent ink. Most cartridges returned to LexJet are reused for ink-replacement cartridges. Cartridges that aren’t reusable are dismantled in a way that ensures that toxic ink and solid waste are disposed of properly. Since we started recycling cartridges in 2005, LexJet has helped keep more than 100,000 cartridges from being disposed of in landfills.
    Click here for details on how to recycle your ink cartridges.
  • A Wide Choice of Recyclable Materials. LexJet offers dozens of fabrics, films, photo papers, and banner materials that can be recycled into hundreds of different products ranging from packaging and food containers to carpets, clothing, and lumber.
    Click here for the complete list of recyclable LexJet products.
  • Papers Made from Wood Products Grown in Sustainable Forests. LexJet papers are manufactured to specifications established by the PEFC and FSC. The PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is a global organization that assesses and certifies sustainable forest-management programs conducted by member nations. The Forest Stewardship Council sets standards that guide forest-management toward sustainable outcomes.
    Click here for a list of LexJet papers manufactured to PEFC /FSC Specifications.
  • A Banner Recycling Program. Banners printed on LexJet 3R DuPont Tyvek® SUV products can be sent to the Trex Company, which will recycle them in decking railing, and fencing products.
    Click here for details about how to recycle banners.