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LexJet's Banner Recycling Program


LexJet Banner Recycling ProgramLexJet has partnered with Trex Company® to recycle banners directly into consumer products. LexJet's Banner Recycling Program allows participants to bag used banners printed on LexJet 3R DuPont Tyvek® SUV (solvent and UV-curable compatible) and mail them to Trex to be recycled into decking, railing, and fencing products. The envelopes used to mail the banners are also recycled.

LexJet’s banner recycling program makes it easy for wide-format print shops to offer their customers a completely sustainable solution that is simple, practical, and economical.

Nothing is wasted in the process since the LexJet Tyvek SUV banners are sent directly to Trex from the print shop and recycled.

This is a true life-cycle sustainability program since the banner material itself is manufactured to exacting environmental standards, is extremely lightweight, and is being sent to a viable recycling outlet for direct use in consumer products.

How does it work?

  • The recycling bags are purchased for a small fee to cover shipping and handling
  • The cost of the bag should be worked into the price of the finished banner(s)
  • You provide your customer with the recycling bag when you deliver the banners
  • Each bag should hold 10 standard-size banners rolled and folded in half
  • When your customer is done with the banner, they fold it up and seal it up in the pre-addressed, pre-paid   recycling bag
  • Your customers drop the bag off at any UPS facility or drop box site
  • The banner and the bag go directly to Trex for recycling

For more information and to order LexJet 3R DuPont Tyvek SUV and the recycling bags, contact a LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538.