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Avatrex 9000 from LexJet is the industrys first transportable graphic: Its not a paper, its not a film and its not a transfer material. Avatrex is a printable ... Read More

Brand: Avatrex

Avatrex 9000 from LexJet is the industry’s first transportable graphic: It’s not a paper, it’s not a film and it’s not a transfer material. Avatrex is a printable coating with built-in laminate and adhesive layers conformable to almost any substrate, from bricks, concrete, ceiling tiles, leather and ceramics to graphic arts boards, untreated canvas and wood. For applications that require multiple materials and multiple steps, Avatrex does it with one material in two steps: Print and apply. Avatrex is compatible with aqueous inks and can be applied with heat and pressure, or the Avatrex XM3 Primer depending on the application and how temporary or permanent you want the graphic to be.

  • Avatrex is completely conformable to most textured surfaces
  • Avatrex helps reach new markets with your aqueous printers that were previously not possible
  • Helps cut down on cost, time and labor by minimizing production steps
  • Gloss finish

Technical Specifications

Product Type Inkjet Printable Media
Applications - Media Backlit
Outdoor Décor
Interior Décor
Soft Signage
Trade Show Graphics
Wall Murals
Window Graphics
Outdoor Signage
Fine Art
POP/ Indoor Signage
Finish Gloss
Ink Type Aqueous
Media Type Adhesive Backed

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Avatrex 9000 Gloss for Aqueous Inks- 24in x 100ft
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Avatrex 9000 Gloss for Aqueous Inks- 50in x 100ft
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